Artists Statement:

I made the game hoping for the a clearer headspace and was made to help me flesh out a dream I had, which is ironic considering its about being stuck in a mental asylum. I also wanted to convert the game into opening for a dungeons and dragons game. With the players going through and following a mysterious benefactor who wants them out of a mental asylum. Due to time constraints I had to leave out a few things I wanted to go over and end with a twist to close it out. But otherwise I'm happy with the final result and ending of the story. I may update the story at some point if the dream comes back and continues that is, or just depending what the players do.

I had knew I had to go into detail regarding every little thing, describing the scene to help connect the player to the story. The story itself is supposed to be intriguing and leave you wanting more. That's the point, a story hook. That's the goal I aimed for.